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Advanced Veterinary Diagnostics at Carnegie Hill Veterinarians on the Upper East Side

We believe early detection is key, so at Carnegie Hill Veterinarians, we offer complete in-house diagnostics, including X-rays and ultrasound. Located in the heart of the Upper East Side, New York, NY 10128, we are committed to providing state-of-the-art diagnostic services to ensure your pets receive the precise and comprehensive care they need. Understanding the underlying causes of your pet’s health issues is crucial to developing an effective treatment plan. Our advanced diagnostic capabilities allow us to do just that.

Our Diagnostic Services

Equipped with cutting-edge technology, our clinic offers a wide range of diagnostic services designed to offer accurate and timely assessments of your pet’s health:

  • Digital Radiography: Provides clear, detailed images of your pet’s bones, organs, and internal structures.
  • Ultrasound: A non-invasive tool that uses sound waves to create images of the inside of the body, useful for examining internal organs.
  • In-House Laboratory: Enables us to perform a variety of tests, including blood work, urinalysis, and parasite testing, with quick results for faster treatment decisions.
  • Electrocardiography (EKG): Assesses heart health and helps in the diagnosis of heart conditions.

Why Choose Carnegie Hill Veterinarians for Diagnostic Care?

  • Expertise: Our skilled veterinary team has extensive experience in diagnostic imaging and laboratory testing, ensuring your pet’s health is in capable hands.
  • Comprehensive Care: We believe in a holistic approach to pet health, and our diagnostic services are integral to creating personalized treatment plans.
  • Convenient Location: Situated on the Upper East Side, our clinic is easily accessible to pet owners across New York, NY 10128, offering a central location for all your pet’s health care needs.

Schedule a Diagnostic Appointment

If you’re concerned about your pet’s health or if they require diagnostic testing, contact Carnegie Hill Veterinarians today. Our advanced diagnostic services on the Upper East Side provide the insights necessary for effective treatment and care. Call us at (212) 369-5665 to schedule an appointment and take the first step toward understanding and improving your pet’s health.

Have questions about our diagnostics or want to schedule a consultation for your pet? Call us at (212) 369-5665.